Two world championships for Iran in robocup

The 8th Soccer world championship for robots, Robocup2004 ended yesterday evening. Altogether 346 teams from 37 countries with 1600 participants participated in the games. This number represents a new participant record in the history of Robocup.

Results of Robocup2004:

-- Simulation league


1. IRAN: Caspian, Iran University OF Science and Technology.
2. PORTUGAL: FC Portugal, University of postage/University of Aveiro.
3. IRAN: Sepanta, Sepanta Robotic Research Foundation.


1. RUSSIA: STEP, ElectroPult plans
2. GERMANY: Brainstormers, Universitaett Osnabrueck.
3. IRAN: Mersad (Helli), Allameh Helli High School.


1. IRAN: ARIA, Amir Kabir University of Technology.
2. GERMANY: RK Humboldt, Humboldt University Berlin.
3. IRAN: UTUtd2004, University of Teheran.

-- Small size robot league

1. GERMANY: FU Fighters, free University of Berlin.
2. AUSTRALIA: RoboRoos, The University of Queensland.
3. SINGAPORE: Lucky star, Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

-- Middle size robot league

1. JAPAN: OWN, Keio University.
2. JAPAN: WinKIT, Kanazawa of institutes of Technology.
3. GERMANY: CoPS Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart.

-- Four legged league robot

1. GERMANY: German team, Universities of Bremen, Berlin (Humboldt), Darmstadt, Dortmund.
2. AUSTRALIA: UTS Unleashed!, University of Technology Sydney.
3. AUSTRALIA: NuBots, University of Newcastle.

-- Humanoid league

Pair of overalls 1. JAPAN: Team Osaka, Systec Akazawa CO.
Penalty kick 40cm 1. JAPAN: Team Osaka, Systec Akazawa CO.
Penalty kick 80cm 1. JAPAN: Senchans, Osaka University.
"Louis Vuitton Humanoid Cup" 1. JAPAN: Vision, team Osaka.

-- Robocup Rescue:

Rescue robot league
1. JAPAN: Toin Pelican, Toin University of Yokohama.
2. GERMANY: KURT3D, Fraunhofer institutes AIS.
3. ITALY: Alcor, Universita Di Roma "La Sapienza".

Rescue simulation league

1. GERMANY: ResQ Freiburg, University of Freiburg.
2. CANADA: DAMAS Rescue, Laval University.
3. IRAN: Caspian, Iran University of Science and Technology.

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